What to do in the garden in April

Spring is finally in here and the spring bulbs are in bloom. Expect the inevitable April showers this month but with lots of sunshine too. It’s an exciting month, with indoor-sown seeds well into growth, and it’s also time to start sowing outdoors. Just watch out for any late frosts…

Top 10 jobs this month

  1. Keep weeds under control. They will start to grow prolifically now, so keep on top of them.
  2. Protect fruit blossom from late frosts. Most top fruit and soft fruit are hardy but once they start into growth in spring, flowers and buds are especially vulnerable to frost and may need protection to crop well.
  3. Tie in climbing and rambling roses
  4. Sow hardy annuals, herbs and wild flower seed outdoors. The secret to success here is good soil preparation
  5. Start to feed citrus plants. From late March to late October, use a summer feed high in nitrogen.
  6. Increase the water given to houseplants
  7. Feed hungry shrubs and roses. In most cases annual feeding with 50-100g per sq m (1½-3oz sq yd) of general-purpose fertiliser will suffice. Container-grown shrubs will need more.
  8. Sow new lawns or repair bare patches
  9. Prune fig trees
  10. Divide bamboos and waterlilies